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Vibrant Technology Solutions Limited

I.T. Project Management


At Vibrant, we have a team of highly skilled Project Managers, Project Coordinators & Project Admins that possess extensive knowledge and experience in implementing small to large scale ICT projects.

Vibrant has implemented projects for various clients across several industries (energy, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Finance, etc) helping to improve overall Returns on Investment (ROIs) and allowing our customer to gain competitive advantages. Projects Range from ERP implementation to Network Infrastructure Upgrades & Software Development.

Our Project Managers understand the ever-changing business environment of our Clients and the need to be agile. They work closely with Project Sponsors to ensure that project goals and objectives are achieved and the intended value of the projects are realized.

Additionally, they are supported by our well-established Project Management Office, which provides them with the tools, information, processes and systems required to ensure that they consistently deliver successful projects to our Clients.

Vibrant also offers the flexibility to help reduce costs by offering a Shared Services Model that can vary based Resource utilization and can be customized to each individual client.

Contact Us today to see how our Projects Team can deliver value to your Company.


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